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StarknittingNovember 17, 2003

Okay, Brooke’s given me permission (and thank god, 'cause I didn’t think I could hold it in any longer):

I was sworn to secrecy some time ago (and I did remarkably well, I think) that the lovely and talented Ms. Dar Williams was preggers. Yup. Can you imagine? A bouncy sweet sprite-like sensitive activist like her? Having a baby? Fabulous.

Of course, babies bring one thing to mind, and you know where I’m going with this, right? Baby sweaters.

So I made her one:


The buttons remind me of candy. But, let me say this, it’s quite small. It’s the two-week-old sweater. At about a month, it’ll be too small, I’m sure. I only know it’ll (probably) fit because I made one a little smaller once, and it did fit the baby (for about twenty minutes).

Anyway, I had shown it to Amy Ray and her girlfriend Carrie earlier in the evening. (All right, I’ll admit it – this part WAS thrilling) Amy said, “That’s the cutest thing I ever saw.”

*quick moment of star-struck-edness as she realizes fully for the first time she showed Amy Ray something she knitted*

All right, that’s over. Levelheaded again and now backstage, Brooke introduced me to Dar and I shoved the bag at her. I didn’t really know how to preface it. I couldn’t really say, “Hi, nice to meet you. You don’t know me from your taxi driver, but here’s a sweater I made for your unborn child.” I must have asked Brooke a million times in the last few weeks if it was going to come off as stalkerish. She said it wouldn’t, and I could only believe her.

This is the priceless part: Dar opened it, made the obvious coo-ing noise, held it up and then exclaimed, “I’m not having a KITTEN!”

It’s a leeetle small, did I mention that? Then she said it was her first baby gift (!) and it would make her husband cry.

I felt like doing a cartwheel, right then, right there.

Okay. Whew. I’m so glad I could tell that part of the story. Hanging out with the rock stars ain’t the same without a little knitting thrown in there somewhere, you know? Oh - and check out Brooke's account of the show - much more well-put than my stammering account - I agree with her about everything, especially Patty Griffin. That girl could gild cotton with her voice. It doesn't get much better than the four of them, up on that stage, singing alone and together.

(And to make up for not taking pictures, here's what I wore – and here's the backstage pass and seating assignment stuck to my cords.....)

Now Officially Done being cool. I'm WAY better at being geeky. Let the knitting/watching Carnivale resume.


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Awesome rockstar/knitting story!

I love the littel kitten sweater, too! Precious.

Amy Ray! OMG! I love the Indigo Girls...and I've lived in Georgia all my life..even in Decatur, and I never saw either of them walking around. ONCE. I feel so robbed. They are amazing...I probably would've freaked out.

By the way, baby sweater is so adorable and not stalkerish at all. Just really, really thoughtful. I'm sure Dar loved it!!

Since Rachael is too modest to tell you further about that night, wherein Amy Ray went and chatted with all 4 of the performers and found Dar showing off the sweater and retelling her kitten comment. To which Shawn Colvin said, "Dar, if you had anything larger than a kitten - or perhaps a small cat - it would kill you." Yep. Her idols were discussing her knitting prowess.

You. Are. My. HERO.

(starknitting...wink wink)

I squealed...and when I got to Brooke's comment I squealed again. That's totally icing. Thanks, Brooke!

Darlin', if I'm not mistaken, this officially makes you a knitting rock star!

You rawk, GAWK!

You get to wear the tiara, girlfriend!

Great story! I love the image of a bunch of chick singers oohing and aahing over your knitting! You're a star, Rachael. You were anyway, but you're just extra sparkly at the moment. :)

Very -cute- sweater!

They are just finding out what we already know - you are the "bestest"! What a great story and that itty bitty sweater is just too cute.

I am loving this! And what makes Dar so sure she's not having a kitten? ;-)

I *so* envy you. And who knows, that little kitten might be mighty happy to have that awesome little sweater.

I like the sweater. I wish I'd thought of the idea. :-) Will you knit another one for when the baby is older? Even at 6 months they are way bigger than newborns.

With my now three year old, I'm finding that I wish the family member's who had knitted for her as a baby would make somehting now. Or something that had fit her at any age past about 1. I miss some of the cute things, because she's cute now, but the cute baby things are just momentos now. I'm not sure I'm making sense. Ah well, what else is new? I rarely make sense. :-)

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