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The Virtual PCH(ighway)October 23, 2003

Since a few of you expressed interest in my ride down the coast, I thought we’d go on a spin together, okay? It’s a virtual ride, so we save gas this way (as opposed to driving to Brooklyn and then Taipei, as was suggested).

Hop in and buckle up! (I’ve got good tires, don’t worry.)

The day starts with an attempt at modeling the finished Noro Raglan with the buttons finally attached. Digit gets in the way and the show is brought to an abrupt halt.


After several false starts (the bank, the gas station), the top goes down and we drive over the Bay Bridge. The fog is thick, but it’s not cold. Just the right weather for a three-quarter length sleeved sweater, dontcha think?


While conversing on the cell phone (I’m sorry, I know it’s rude while you’re in the car, not to mention dangerous), we miss the exit. Whoops. Now we’re lost. Note my "I'm LOST!" face.


Okay, we figured it out. Feeling proud of ourselves, we cut through Golden Gate Park, heading west toward Ocean Beach on Fell St.


We turn left when the street hits the edge of the continent and pull over to take a couple of snaps. It’s a gorgeous day, and our bird-like friends know it.


It’s a good thing you’re here to take pictures of me! Goodness knows I hate doing it for myself.....


Okay, now we’re a little scared. Well, we don’t admit until later over lunch, but we’re terrified. We have a hard time keeping the rear end of the car in front of us in view in this soup. The headlights aren’t working the way we’d like them to – they just reflect the glare of the fog back at us. Devil’s Slide is horrifyingly scary, but in that gonna-get-through-it kind of way. Good thing my tires are so great or I'd turn around right now. This was the best of it:


Coming down into Montara, the sun breaks through for just a minute. Isn’t this wonderful?


Put your sunglasses on – the glare is something else.


In Half Moon Bay, damn it all, we fall right into Fengari, a fiber paradise. I hate it when that happens.


A wall of Noro.....


And a wall of fog, just waiting for us, clinging to the water’s edge.


But while the fog is to our right as we drive south, this is to our left.


We pull over here, and it looks like we’re the only ones!


Ain't it gorjess?


Take off your shoes – let’s walk down to the water. You can’t come to the beach and not put at least your fingertips in. It’s a strict rule.


It’s just a leetle too rough to swim. Of course, if you weren’t here, I’d probably barrel in and swim a couple of miles. Yeah, ‘cause that’s what I ALWAYS do in frigid rough water. I don’t want to embarrass you, though. Uh huh.


The fog is still clinging down here.


Oh, stop it already! Don’t you know I’m shy?


All right, pile back in, and I’ll drive us to the real reason we’ve come so far. Duarte’s, in Pescadero. But to really seem dialed in, do pronounce it correctly: DOO-erts. No lie.


You get whatever you want, I know I’m getting the crab sandwich and a pint of Newcastle. We watch the British trio in the corner fight with their mussels.


But when they start discussing what to have for dessert, I can’t help it. I get up, go over, and say, “I hate to intrude, but you have to have the olallieberry pie.”
Gent One says, “What a laleelaleebrie?”
“Genetically, it’s a blackberry crossed with a.... raspberry? Boysenberry? I can’t remember.”
Gent Two is horrified, “A poisonberry??”
“Boysen, boysen.... Don’t worry about it, just get it.”
“Cheers, then. We will.”

Here’s my piece. Don’t worry, I’ll share.


We hated it, I gather. (So did the Brits, by the look of their demolished plates.)


We take the long way inland. This is what the road looks like.


And this is what I look like, after a beer, some crab, a coffee and a piece of the best pie in entire universe (and I don’t even care for pie):


You can’t miss gawking at the Pink Flamingo house above the river.


I know. It’s horrible, isn’t it? We have to rejoin society. But at least it’s a crystal-clear day inland, and out here from the San Mateo mid-span, we can see the City, Oakland, some of Berkeley, and south past the Dumbarton. A jet flies so low over the convertible that we duck and pretend that we didn’t.


Back in Oakland, headed under the Maze. Seven levels, we’ll be right at the bottom of the stack. Pray there’s no earthquake.


Traffic. Sigh.


Wait! I know we’re back at my house now, but I forgot to return a video. Wanna take a walk? [I find myself wondering if I’ve lost my mind and tell myself that someone somewhere besides myself might enjoy this, so I’ll keep going with it.]

Bet you didn’t know this is what Oakland can look like, huh?


This one’s for Em.


See? We have fall colors here, too!


My local theater. The video store’s just around the corner.


That’s done. Almost home now. One more thing to do – let’s peek in someone’s house:


You're a dear and a darling for coming with me. We had so much fun! See you this weekend! Mwah!


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LOVED the virtual trip :) thanks!!! hey, we're heading down to San Fran in a week and a half! any suggestions? must see places? yarn stores that we just can't miss??

hee hee hee! Thanks for the tour- although it's making me kick myself for ever leaving santa cruz. I always loved the beach on semi-foggy days...

(oh, and in your defense in half moon bay... that's a particularly vicious yarn shop. it's been known to completely re-route hwy 1 so you CAN'T avoid going there, even if you really really tried. and we all know how hard you tried to avoid it! :)

Hey, great trip! thanks for all the wonderful pictures. Great sweater too! Thanks for sharing.

Wow! That was a lot of fun! Thanks. BTW, the sweater is still fabulous.

Terrific trip- I grew up in the area, and really miss seeing the fog roll over the pass from Half Moon Bay...I tell my husband, "When you die, I"M MOVING!" Oh well, enjoy the weather...I'm totally jealous.

What a great road trip! It's got me thinking about a jaunt down to Duarte's this weekend myself... I kept wondering where in the Bay Area you live, until I saw the shot of your "local theater", which I recognized immediately; I love Rockridge.

Nice pictures. Now I'm ready for a road trip, somewhere autumny crisp and sunny. Darn work keeps getting in the way of fun!

Thank you for the trip! What a lovely day, and the pie was delicious. Your sweater looks great! Do you wear it every single day and curse the days that are too warm for the Noro goodness? Or am I just a Noro freak? :)

Thank you so much for the road trip. I can't wait to see the pictures on my monitor at home (this one is too dark), but I saw enough to tell how beautiful the area is and how fantastic the Noro sweater is. 3/4 sleeves are so charming!

I'm afraid I'm going to have to come visit now and force you to take me to that yarn store. yeah, right--such arm-twisting like you ain't never seen!

Oh, and thanks for the Wizard of Oz shout out!

Oh what a wonderful road trip! Book me a room (or a couch) at your place, and I'm there!

Oh! You're pictures make me really miss the West Coast. And the more I pictures I see of your lovely Noro cardigan, the more I want to knit one. It's too pretty and the 3/4 sleeves are so darling!

ok. first the lecture. I saw NO SUNGLASSES in these pitchers.
'sup wit dat? You pwomised. (giggle)
now the weeping. I have replayed this post 8 times already
and I'm supposed to be staying away from the computer.
(uh-hunh.) SIGH. Rach, ya done good. This was exac-attack-ally
what I needed to SEE before going into gypsy/pirate/eyepatch mode.
This may have been the single biggest early xmas present I've
EVER opened.

Oh I feel so much better; guess it is the salty breeze from the ocean and your charming company. Thank you taking me along; I enjoyed it very much!

Oh man, I want some olallieberry pie!!!! I've heard that Fat Apple's has good olallieberry pie.

It looks like you live near where I used to live (off Ashby)? College Ave? I love that neighborhood!

Great roadtrip! And thanks for sharing the info about Fengari. :))) I need to go see the ocean. Soon.

Oh, forgot to ask, how about a close-up of the Noro sweater? I have been eyeing Noro but I haven't seen anything other than Booga bags done with it.

Rachel...what a nice diversion! And so much fun! You look FABULOUS! in your sweater - you are a cutie! I missed it - is the Raglan is Noro pattern?

Man, my walk to the school and back is much less interesting! Gonna have to watch myself, I will step out infront of a car thinking... "The flamingo house would look great on this corner!":)

Wow. Thank you so much. I feel like a gust of fresh, salty air just blew through Taipei (which is no small feat! *cough*choke*). What a wonderful day you had, and how adorable you look! I held myself back from rushing through our virtual day at the beach because I didn't want to run out of photos! You're awesome, Rachael. I've had a bit of a crap week, but you've totally made my day.

Okay, this is my new cutest-thing-I've-seen-all-week. Your grin! It's so... cheek-pinchable! And your commentary cracked me up.

Oh, and I LUST after that yarn store. Why can't we have yarn stores that big in Boston? Surely there aren't more knitters in SF than in Boston. *grumble*

Loved the little trip I just took on your blog! Let me know when is the next one! ;)

Thank for the virtual road trip! The Bay area is my favorite place to be.
I love your cardi sooo much, #91 is my favorite Kureyon color. Can I ask how may skeins you used for your cardi?
I love reading your blog, it's a fun and integral part of my day, thank you, Rachel!

you're so cute. just adorable, i tell ya.

what a fun li'l road trip. I giggled so much at your funnyness I had to go change my pants. BUT I HAVE TO SAY: must you take pictures of yourself while you are driving??? p.s.- I'm glad you got a pic of the Wizard of Oz lawn - I ride my bike past that lawn every week and every week I think to myself, that simply must be documented. -me

I think I owe you gas money for driving. Thanks for the trip, lets do it again soon, next time I'll drive.

i read your blog everyday your noro cardy is beautiful,the
road trip is seriously cool and i wish we had yarn stores like
that in the uk , and i agree with the other person you have a
super cheeky grin!!!!!!!!! take care out there you crazy girly

Oh. My. Gawd. I *LOVE* this virtual trip. XOXOXOXO to you for posting it! Makes me a little bit homesick, but so comforting to see all this. I've been away far too long; I doubt I'd find my way around now. Must check out Fengari when I go back for a visit. And try a laleeberry [;-)] pie!!! And rent a convertible so I can drive around and look cute and sassy like you (or at least try). And, and...I must peek into a house, too. Can I borrow your cardi while I'm at it?

Love it, love it.

Everyone together now: RACHAEL ROCKS!!!!!!!!

P.S. I got the kid on my lap as I read my daily weblogs, and right now as I looked back over your photos he spotted the convertible and said, "FAST CAR!" Hee hee.

Awesome entry! I love all the photos, especially the ones in and from the car. There is something great about photos like that! They look "real" you know?

Hey gorgeous! Thanks for the road trip!

Honey, I'm late gettin on the road with you, but wheeee, what a fine ride! Thanks for letting us all come along. And I hope that someday we can do it in real life as well.
BTW, I too want to know how much Noro that cute cardi needed.

OOOOooooh love the sweater, looks great on you! Thanks for the tour, I have always wanted to visit California. I loved the view from the highway, that fog was a little scary so I'm glad your car had new shoes.

That wasn't nice to pull me away from that wall of Noro so quickly (but I know you were just trying to save my wallet) and you more than made up for it with the pie...yum!

Love your neighborhood (felt a little naughty peekin' in windows there).

What fun - thanks for the trip!

You are so cute! I totally want to go on a freakin' road trip now in a convertible and run around on the beach. Sigh. Wish I lived on the West Coast. Sigh. Wish I had a pretty Noro sweater like yours. One day I will! You are awesome!

Geezus woman! I have a frickin' bucket under my chin to catch all the drool that formed from looking at these trip pictures. :) Lucky woman you are! I want a fiber shop like that. It's awesome. Wait, no, I don't..I'm trying not to spend money! Dammit! :D Awesome photos and major jealousy from this Michigan girl. ;)

Okay, even though there are 5 billion comments here already I had to enter one more. Best pictures ever. Ever. I have made that drive many, many times, and I don't have any pics that fab. Thank you for your virtual your - keep it where I can find it so I can have a little bit of home whenever I want some. Love you!

Thanks for the vacation! It snowed here last
and my Mom is headed out to Santa Barbara
in the morning. I might of broke down and cried
since I can't go along, but for vacation with
By the way, Check Bravo for the Fab five show with John Zimmerman the Olympic skater. He's enough to make a twice divorced woman dream
again. If not him, his wife is a beauty. I think
everyone must wish for one/both of them. Sigh.

Hi there,
I really enjoyed your road trip- thank you! I've
never been to the States before but for Oakland alone it'd be worth the hideously long flight (from New Zealand)!
I got here by first reading your article in the latest Knitty (summer) it's a beautiful piece of writing and
your raglan is a beautiful piece of knitting!
thanks for sharing

Loved the road trip! I live in grey NYC now, and I miss the West Coast, where I lived for 12 years...I lived in the SF area for a summer and I'll never forget the PCH trips. Cool blog too...

The trip was great. I was to SF in May stayed in Mountain View. It was incredible beautiful your pics make me want to go back!!

Next time you head out toward Woodside, be sure to visit www.filoli.org/-- no yarn, but lots of beauty.

I think you're actually making me bi. Your girlfriend is a lucky, lukcy woman!

I LOVE the virtual tour! I have not tried Duarte's but now must. The fam and I (along with some friends) "roughed" it camping at Costanoa. Have yet to visit Fengari because I'm deluding myself into saving for retirement. Ever pick ollallieberries at Coastway Farm on the 1? Go in July, it's fabu. Methinks it's time for a road trip this weekend, but we'll avoid HMB - pumpkin craze weekend! I hate waiting in lines too.

My heart is breaking.....stumbled into your blog on a really boring day...lived in Oakland until 2002, worked at College and Claremont for 18 years....... miss every inch of it. Loved your pics...thanks for the hit....

Hello! I was browsing road trips (long story) and I came across yours I had a good time... Thanks for the trip!

I just came across your blog! It is wonderful! I used to live in Oakland! And I also lived in San Francisco (went to SFSU) so I just loved your road trip. It brought back great memories! I'm in Alaska now and love to go back to the Bay Area for visits but I sure don't miss all the traffic and the gzillion people! Plus we can knit and wear wool all year 'round here!

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